Thursday, June 18, 2020

I shall not return

So here's the scoop.  Mark Shea announced a couple weeks ago that he was finally closing down the ironically titled Catholic and Enjoying It.  That had been Mark's blog since the beginning, long before it moved to the secular progressive Patheos site.  The problems with Mark's blog and online presence were well known and don't need repeated.

In his announcement, Mark said he would change the focus of his new blog, with more emphasis on spiritual journeys and basic Christian stuff.   This would be in stark contrast to what his blog (and his other social media outlets) were; that is basic leftist political rags with only the thinnest veneer of Christianity to give them heft.

Many were skeptical.  Some told me flat out they didn't believe it.  Nonetheless, I'm an eternal optimist at heart, for where God is, all things are possible.  Or so they say.  I decided to visit and give it a chance.  Well, bad news.  It's already fast becoming nothing more than CAEI redux with a new title.  Yes, it seems a little extra care is taken to put a bit more Christian spin on his political opinions and liberal stances, but it's still basically the same leftwing ramblings based on leftist narratives and propaganda.

Many of his readers from CAEI have already flocked there.  Some took a polite and mature tone as they disagreed with me, and I'm fine with that. In our era devoid of Truth and Principles and Consistency, I'd rather someone consistently and maturely disagree with me about everything than inconsistently and childishly agree with me about anything.

Sadly, some of the worst elements also followed him over and brought all their worst bilge with them. Apparently they are bent on keeping the slander, lies, personal attacks, blasphemies, heresies, defense of intrinsic evils and sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance the defining staples of the new blog address.

So, I won't go back, lest I encourage sin and evil by increasing visits.  I gave it a chance.  I'll say no more about Mark or his blog since he didn't ban me.  When he did ban me in the past, sometimes after a round of false accusations or personal attacks, I felt more than at liberty to respond one of the only ways I could, with my blog.  He did, sadly, launch the usual false and slanderous accusations at me, suggesting strongly that reasoned debate will be all but impossible.  But since he didn't ban me  I won't be piling on in the future.

Just an update for those curious.  If you want what CAEI became over the years, then by all means go on over to Mark's new blog.  It looks like it's going to be the same old, same old - a progressive political blog wrapped in selectively chosen Christian garb to buttress leftist dogma.  In fact, you might say it's a case study of those Americans who are willing to throw down and destroy anything that the Left demands, and defend or advocate whatever the Left mandates.  In fact, Mark has most recently gone 180 and now condones destroying statues of that white genocidal racist Christopher Columbus, only a couple years after defending the same as a Catholic hero.  Today, he defends banning Gone With the Wind due to its content, something that was anathema to liberalism when I was growing up.  As a case study in 'how the West was killed and freedoms died', it could be of value.

If that's not what you're looking for, however, and you were hoping for a Catholic or even Christian outlet, then consider yourself warned.  Rather, if you're looking for something in the Catholic neighborhood you might want to stop by here, an actual Catholic site focused on actual Catholic devotions and reflections.  Or you could swing by Fish Eaters, and oldie but goodie when it comes to Catholic resources (warning: they are not fans of Vatican II).  Those and other such outlets will be me.  I have  the news media, Antifa, and American communists to keep informed about where we're headed.  I don't need Rolf to put a dot on it all.  I'll stay rooted in Christ and the Faith in the face of the coming storm, rather than get my blood up reading those who are egging the storm onward.

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