Tuesday, June 23, 2020

George Floyd and the Twin Towers

Most experts agree that the Islamic terrorists who struck America on 9/11 did not imagine that both of the Twin Towers would fall.  They hoped to kill thousands of innocent people.  They hoped to do unthinkable damage.  But never in their wildest dreams did they imagine both towers would collapse and an icon of American financial might would fade into memory.

The same is true of George Floyd.  Anyone honest and with more than two brain cells knows what happened.  The press seized upon the death of Mr. Floyd in a desperate attempt to divert attention away from Joe Biden's disastrously contemptuous dismissal of black Americans who fail to give him more political power.  Despite trying to downplay his statements, the press was faced with a growing backlash from even liberal black leaders.  Something had to be done.

What happened, however, was more than the Marxists in the propaganda ministry ever dreamed in their wildest of dreams.  All that was supposed to happen by puffing Floyd was the usual: demonstrations, a few riots, accusations of American racism, Trump as Hitler, and enough commotion to take the attention away from Biden.  Yet it ended up far more than anyone predicted.

Despite the fact that there is no factual evidence to support the Black Lives Matter mantra, and that the condemnation of Mr. Floyd's killer was based purely on the skin color of the police officer in question, religious leaders pounced.  They didn't even stop when it came to condemning not just the police officer for his skin color, but the officer's entire ethnic group and the officer's entire nation.  Imagine condemning an entire nation and ethnic group based on the skin color of one person.  That's exactly what Protestant, Catholic and - yes - Orthodox leaders did with zeal.  From Pope Francis to the Southern Baptist Convention, BLM had become the gospel.

Furthermore, only days after religious leaders reaffirmed their commitments to the most restricted gatherings for worshiping God to minimize Covid-19, news cameras found many marching elbow to elbow with Black Lives Matter protesters.  Those who weren't marching were giving a hearty thumbs up to the protests and rallies.  At the same time, medical professionals who had spent weeks weeping and crying for their plight and begging all to refrain from any large gatherings, suddenly marched in large gatherings for Black Lives Matter and even cheered the protests while at the same time expressing concern about the obvious spikes in C19 that would occur.

And that was just the beginning.  Riots and destruction and violence erupted.  People were killed, black businesses destroyed.  Fires and vandalism and assaults abounded.  People like Mark Shea rushed out to excuse the violence, him being only one example of the growing voices that fully supported whatever was needed to tear down our Nazi society.  Even the press seemed reluctant to do anything but excuse the damage and the violence, picking only cases where injury resulted from police action to express concern.

Those who early on spoke out against  BLM, echoing the ancient notion that perhaps all lives mattered, were threatened with financial ruin and the elimination of their situations.  Like dominoes falling fast, prominent voices caved, repented of their white skin, called down hellfire on our Nazi nation, and donned the BLM logo.

And even that wasn't enough.  In line with these events, the pro-communist, anti-religious, anti-American hate group called Antifa arrived and all but seized the momentum.  Almost immediately it ran amok, destroying memorials and monuments to America's past, targeting Christians, presidents, any figure of America's heritage as any good Stalinist would do.  Day after day was met with new stories of statues, war memorials, grave stones, Christian establishments being vandalized.  What made it worse wasn't the obvious tactics one expects from a communist revolutionary, but that nobody - not religious leaders, political leaders, the press, business leaders - stood up to stop them.

Democrat governors and mayors began to join in, calling for statues of American heroes to be pulled down, entertainment outlets began banning or repacking material deemed unacceptable, businesses began lamenting the inherent racism of whites and Americans, while erasing all images deemed offensive to those who consider all lives mattering to be an evil sentiment.   On top of this, a growing shout to erase the names and references to presidents, Founding Fathers, or anyone of European decent almost drowned out any other discourse.

And now, even at this point, there is no end in sight.  More and more corporations are joining the revolution, threatening employees who would speak out, and using their vast economic power to silence any dissent.  Democrats call for the end of police departments, and police involved in violent crime shootings are charged with murder overnight, to the chants for the death penalty from a growing chorus of revolutionaries.   Democrats also stand by and let the vandalism and destruction and the violence go on unimpeded.  No matter how many police or military officials take a knee to  protest the banner of our racist nation, it seems to do nothing to engender love from the Marxist momentum.

And in all of this - silence. Silence from the GOP.  Silence from churches and synagogues and mosques.  Silence from the Black Community regarding all the blacks who have been hurt in this.  And undying support from corporate America which has emerged as the communist revolt's chiefest ally.  Only President Trump, interspersed within a two hour series of rambling stories, bothered to point out the obvious, and yet we'll see if he actually does anything about it.

So you might say, not bad.  Not bad at all.  Terrorists from 9/11, you don't hold a candle to the good fortune America's Marxists have just experienced.  In just three weeks, all to cover up the latest Biden gaffe, we have almost all of our major institutions agreeing that its time to condemn the white race for its inherent racism, eradicate America's heritage, embrace punishment of art and speech deemed offensive by those who matter, begin reframing our commitment to equality and law and order, and put an end to condemnation based on anything but labels applied by the Leftist state.  Take that terrorists!  You don't even know what icing on a cake looks like.

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