Saturday, June 6, 2020

Modern Christainity desperately needs a massive dose of Viagra

So we’re seeing people, like the director of the CDC, warn that these protests will lead to spikes in Covid-19 and at the same time continue to support these protests.  That same assessment is being echoed by the press, medical community, politicians, business leaders and our all-important celebrities.  All because the national news media, which usually generates less trust among Americans than gas station sushi, has said we’re a four hundred year old racist state brimming to the top with racism, and the actions of this one police officer is all we need to see why causing these spikes will be worth it.   

And in this all, our religious leadership - Catholic, Orthodox and otherwise - have joined in and agreed.  In fact, after only two weeks ago saying we must continue to take things slow and easy since it's only worship and the Sacraments, they are now out marching elbow to elbow with protesters over what is really important. 

I've never seen the Christian church look so much like a desperate yap dog begging for scraps from the table of relevancy as it does today.  

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