Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Columbus State Community College falls to the Left's demands

Buckling to the communists.  Or Marxists, if you prefer to strike a compromise.  Whatever, it is the revolution rising in our midst that wishes to throw down the Christian West and the American experience and replace it with who knows what.  Well, let me restate that.  We do know what.  We're seeing it: group identity, abolition of free speech, eradication of religious liberty, broadened elimination of unwanted humans, debauchery and decadence in the era of 36 million dead from AIDS and millions more ruined by drugs, more group identity and bigotry, the elimination of due process and equality before the law, and on and on.  

It's hard not to worry about the victories this movement is enjoying.  Much of why it is enjoying this string of victories is because we Americans 1) imagined it would never happen here, and 2) if it did our leaders and institutions would rise up and withstand the storm. 

We're seeing both are wrong.  It is happening here, as it has been for generations.  And we're watching our leaders and our institutions collapse and unconditionally surrender.  Police and military kneel and protest the flag.  Religious leaders jeopardize thousands through Covid-19 to join a factually flawed protest movement, even as they gladly ban people from gathering to worship the Almighty.  Celebrities and sports teams and businesses throw anything and everything traditional out the window and embrace whatever racism or bigotry is being peddled. Colleges and universities rewrite history and censor thought crimes.  Cities and states destroy our heritage and eradicate monuments to the heroes of our past.  Politicians - including the always stalwart Republicans - stand silent or join in. 

It's always been easy to watch old movies about the prewar gobbling up of Europe by Hitler's machinations.  We shake our heads at all those characters who joined the Nazi cause and wonder, and even sneer at their weakness and lack of character or vision.  Well, we no more need to consult the classic movie section that will soon be shredded and banned.  We can look out our windows or watch our propaganda ministry and see the same thing happening today. 


  1. That's ok, Mark Shea is here to explain why that's a good thing.

    I'm sure the saints and popes will have their statues torn down soon as well since the "universe of discourse" has moved on.

    1. He also posted just today that he supports HBO banning GWTW. I don't see anything that the Left will do, however evil, that Mark won't either defend or ignore. Again, Rolf.


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