Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Why Conservatives get fed up with the Left

So Arthur's teacher - that's Arthur, the children's cartoon featuring a variety of anthropomorphic animals in everyday life settings - came out as gay and had a gay wedding.  This is not surprising.  Like most entertainment aimed at kids and picked up by PBS, Arthur and his creators have often swung decidedly left of center, assuming a multi-cultural and politically correct world in which their characters lived.  In fact, in a spin-off series featuring one of the main characters (Buster the bunny), two gay characters had already been featured.  That was in the early 00s. 

It is what it is.  To expect an opposing viewpoint would be foolish at best.   Most PBS stations filter through decidedly left leaning university broadcasting stations, and so despite the government backing, we've grown used to the bias at taxpayer expense. 

What is annoying is how, as we've seen over the decades, once religion is removed from society, something will inevitably fill the gap.  And as often as not, as we witnessed over the last century, that something becomes the State.  Politics replaces religion.  And there is no separation between politics and State.  Once you go down there, you begin seeing politics everywhere, as we're seeing it today.

But worse, the Left continues to act like Conservatives are the ones imposing their values on others.  Something about the Left kicking in our doors, shoving their values down our throats and then accusing us of meddling in their lives when we disagree, is as maddening as you get.  It is that level of BS that is oxygen to the Left that makes you grind your teeth and shake your fists on your best of days.

I wouldn't expect Arthur to be diverse anymore than I would Sesame Street. Like most media and art today, they toe the party line and promote the party doctrines.  But it's the annoyance of the 'Emperor's New Cloths or Else!' with accusations against those who resist being indoctrinated that can, on occasion, be more annoying than anything in an already annoying society.

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