Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Lord save us from the snowflake generation

To clarify, snowflakes are not people who get offended because someone pissed on them and said they ought to die, they suck, they should be wiped off the planet, or because someone used racist, bigoted, or other such language.  Nor are snowflakes anyone who says they disagree with someone else.

No, a snowflake is someone like this: a person needing counseling because the Game of Thrones finale didn't go as they imagined it would.  That, my friends, is a snowflake.  I don't blame them, of course.  They are the result of our clinical counseling culture, our modern education systems, and our pop culture of entitlement and narcissism (beneficial for the free market and entertainment industries). 

Their fanaticism and zeal and lusting for the slaughter of those who dare question their divine supremacy is also beneficial to the modern progressive revolution. But I fear the paybacks are going to be hell.


  1. AS an old star trek fan, I remember the days we nerds were just gather together in a group to complain about an old episode and get drunk if needed. That's what groups were FOR!

    1. Yeah. I wish they had that back when Phantom Menace came out. If I was one of those snowflake types, I would have had a psychological breakdown.

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