Monday, May 6, 2019

Pennsylvania lawmaker Brian Sims demonstrates how to berate an elderly woman

While also condemning her for her white skin and failure to conform to liberal absolutes.  It's hard to watch.  You feel sorry for her.  You also see the horrible lows to which some are willing to sink in the name of the new Democrats (whose party always seems to have an obsession with skin color, black or white).

Bonus if you note the classic Leftist hypocrisy of condemning people for telling other people they are wrong.  You also get a bonus if you notice his condemnation of her for exercising her constitutional right to protest.

Again, it's difficult to watch.  You can't help but get angry at a large, strong adult male berating and browbeating an old lone woman like that, insulting her, condemning her, threatening her.  This is the face of too many representing the modern Left, with little to no push back from our press, pop culture or even political leaders.  God help the world if the likes of Mr. Sims ever gets within a thousand miles of real power.

Oh, and if you could explain how being against abortion is racist, other than the fact that she dared be born with white skin, I'd appreciate the help.  He kept accusing her of racism, and I heard her say nothing of the sort.  In fact, I heard her say almost nothing at all. 

UPDATE: Apparently Matt Walsh - who I know little about - has organized a large protest at the abortion clinic in question.  It's on Friday at 11:00 AM (I'll assume this Friday).  Again, don't know much about Mr. Walsh, but in this case I'll stand with him.  If I was within a hundred miles I'd try to be there.  As it is, he might also be raising money.  It's time for the forces of decency and devotion to God and Man to rise up and fight this dark cloud of evil setting itself upon our land.  If we don't, then our posterity will pay the horrible price.

UPDATE II: Here is a gofundme page dedicated to raising money for life.  It's a direct result of Mr. Sims' browbeating of that elderly lady.  It seems a worthy cause and the right way to go.  This is what I'm talking about.  It's time to stop laying down.

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