Monday, May 13, 2019

Joe Biden joins the "Screw Prayer" movement

In response to the Colorado STEM school shooting, Biden echoed a common mantra among the Left.  That mantra says that your God and your prayers are worthless.  Only the horses and chariots of the Leftist State can deliver us from this evil of gun violence.  The near equal number of Americans dying of AIDS/HIV continuing to be ignored.  If you "only" offer prayers and nothing else, then you are not doing a damn thing to solve the problem. 

This isn't something that only atheists and secular leftists say.  If it were them, it would make sense.  But it is a growing number of Christians in devotion to the Leftist State who echo the same.  Remember, Joe Biden hangs his Catholic Faith around his neck for all the world to see.

Of course orthodox believers are fine with looking to solutions beyond prayer, provided they actually work.  But for the Left, there is nothing but stupidity and evil unless you conform 100% to the Left.  Despite strong evidence that the Left is not always correct, the Left will allow for no such observation.  It is the Leftist State, and only the Leftist State, which is efficacious in delivering us, sanctifying us, and saving us.  Anything else, even 99% fealty to the Left, and you become 100% irredeemably deplorable. 

Apparently, given the reaction among them, New Prolife Christians approve this message.  Almost from the beginning, more and more Christians on the left have embraced this idea that it is not through prayer and trust in God that we will solve our nation's ills, but through the wisdom and efficacy of the Leftist State and its socio-political and economic policies.  If that seems like heresy, it is.  But it's merely one case among many, and almost impossible to focus upon anymore given the number of ways the Faith is being converted by the World. 

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