Monday, May 6, 2019

Christians can downplay the Sex and Drugs culture no longer

Here are a few stats:

In 2017 there were almost 50,000 suicides in the US alone.

In 2017, there were more than 70,000 deaths from drug overdose (this is separate from crimes related to drug use since we're told authoritatively that if we just legalize drugs, the crime will stop.  No word on how it will prevent drug addiction).

In 2016 (apparently the most recent year we have stats), there were 15,000 deaths from AIDS (with 66% of those infected being sexually active male homosexuals, despite being a mere 3.9% of the population identifying as male homosexual).  It's worth noting that some argue that not all AIDS deaths are directly the result of AIDS, so we'll half that to 7,500.   Though it is worth noting that AIDS deaths worldwide have decreased, with a mere 940,000 worldwide dying that same year.  Less than a million dead from AIDS!  A victory!

That means, combined, there were 127,000 deaths from sex, drugs and suicide in America alone.  With 77,500 being from Drugs and AIDS.  Other STDS that have varying levels of serious and/or life debilitating consequences will not be dealt with here, though several have seen spikes in recent years in both Europe and America.

Now, in 2015, there were 13,000 Americans killed by guns.  Around 3 times that number died from suicide by guns.  Meaning roughly 60% of suicides are due to guns.  The other 40% by other means.

In 2017, there were 37,000 killed in Automobile accidents.  Just saying.

That means the total combined auto accidents and all gun deaths is approx. 89,000.  Still merely 70% of the total deaths from AIDS/Drugs/Suicide.  And yet what do church leaders, progressive Christians and New Pro-Life Catholics spend almost all of their time talking about (other than illegal immigration support)?  That would be gun homicides (which alone are about 10% of the AIDS/Drugs/Suicides deaths).

In other words, if you are worried about the safety and well being of our children, you had best rethink what the News Media and Education culture says we should worry about.  Our children are far more likely to die of suicide, sex and drugs than gun violence.  The number fluctuates slightly based on whether or not the child is a sexually active male homosexual.

Yet I doubt I can list on more than five fingers the times I've seen a Catholic/Protestant Christian, aside from some fundamentalist types, address the carnage and suffering wrought by our sex obsessed, debauched and decadent culture.  If anything, they reach out a loving hand with a sort of 'who are we to judge?' shrug of the shoulders.  Note they do not - repeat, do NOT - have that attitude about guns, or stopping illegal immigration for that matter.  Fact is, they usually don't mention it at all.  Sometimes they actually go out of their way to threaten people who do want to connect the dots between our modern pro-sex/pro-drugs/pro-gay society and the death toll it has wrought.

That, friends, is a disgrace.  No, it's blasphemous.  It puts a lie to the notion that modern, progressive Christians give any more of a damn about human life than the Left cares about human life in general.  Sadly, it also calls into question the Church's commitment to that precious 'whole life ethic'.

Oh, I include suicide because despite the hundreds of millions in money, energy and time we spend on mental health initiatives, our suicide rates are as bad as ever.  Some would argue they are worse.  It is impossible to believe that this is not at least partially related to the nihilistic narcissism and animal baseness that humans must embrace to continue staring at such carnage and accepting it in the hopes of a good lay.  Which is, of course, an attitude all but endorsed by the modern West, our culture, media and even our education systems.  An attitude that has yet to be fought by the Church on any respectable level.


  1. Bonus note: In those cases where suicide rates were tracked before and after the imposition of draconian gun confiscation, the net number of suicides decreased...not at all. Decreases in suicide using firearms were matched by increases in suicide by other means, most often jumping from tall places.

    1. It wouldn't surprise me. Japan has virtually no gun deaths, but skyrocketing suicide rates nonetheless. The tendency of gun control advocates to cherry-pick stats or regions to focus upon, while often denying or downplaying other considerations, is one of the more bothersome aspects of the debate.


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