Thursday, May 9, 2019

The Washington Post covers the Brian Sims story and shows what real journalism should look like

No emotions.  No bias.  No editorial.  Simply stating the facts.  It gives an overview incident in question, a couple quotes from the encounter, and some background.  Sims is a college quarterback who got into the face of a lone older woman who was praying at an abortion clinic.

Sims is quoted as saying he gets passionate about abortion rights.  Planned Parenthood didn't condone him, but did go on to say it opposes intimidation and shaming tactics by pro-life advocates.

The story mentions this encounter is in the wake of several states introducing laws meant to restrict abortion.  Pennsylvania, for instance, is introducing a law that would make it illegal to abort a baby because you found out it might have Downs Syndrome.

For the pro-life side, while it does highlight Ted Cruz going after Sims, it mostly focuses on the PA GOP filing a complaint suggesting that Sims threatening the woman and threatening to dox (new word) young (read: teenage) girls could be a violation of their constitutional rights.

It mentions Sims' rather vague and non-committal apology (which for most falls short of an actual apology), and then wraps up with a note about an upcoming protest planned by pro-life groups in light of Sims' actions.

That's good reporting.  Not perfect, but as close to what reporting should be as you're likely to find nowadays.  That it's so neutral about the actions of an openly gay, liberal Democrat that almost everyone except Mark Shea seems able to roundly condemn might just be cosmic coincidence.

I choose this because, as of now, WP is the only major non-conservative MSM outlet to cover the story, aside from Newsweek and US Today.  Again, no doubt cosmic coincidence.

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