Friday, May 10, 2019

Live coverage of PA Pro-Life protest

Here.  This is in response to the brave lawmaker Brian Sims, who displayed his courage by browbeating an old woman and threatening teenage girls.  Good for them.  Perhaps the forces of good and life are beginning to stand.

BTW, it's worth noting that barely any major news outlets have covered this story.  Imagine some linebacker sized pro-life advocate doing the exact same thing to pro-abortion activists. How much would you like to bet that some of the national news anchors would have their desks at this rally?  Such is our ministry of lies and propaganda, fast becoming one of the great threats to life and freedom in our age.

UPDATE: The link won't go to a live update now since the protest is done.  It appears that over 1000 people turned out!  Woohoo!  That is with only days to prepare.  It's this sort of thing from the Left that is helping galvanize people.  You have the loony things, such as a school banning valedictorians because of the mental stress it places on kids, to a town in Australia banning Mother's Day because gender simply no longer exists.  That's annoying and rage inducing.  But the move to legally punish Christians, conservatives, white people, men, and anyone who challenging the Leftist State, while assaulting freedom and liberty, is beginning to awaken people.

This is promising.  There's a long way to go, and even those like Rod Dreher, who see it clearly, can't resist falling into the trap of 'I'm sure we're just as bad, let's compromise.'  Nonetheless this is something.  This clouds of darkness and death won't stop unless it is stopped.  And people of good will, standing for virtue, life and freedom will need to be the ones who stop it.

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