Monday, May 20, 2019

Pete Buttigieg supports the Stalinizing of America

The Left is increasingly bold in its declarations of hatred toward the Christian Faith, the Western Tradition and America's heritage.  To that end, almost every day we hear stories of someone, somewhere wanting to erase the names of our Founders, our Faith, our heritage from the records and the photographs.  Apparently, Mr. Buttigieg supports this development.

The goal, of course, is to do what most Marxist based revolutions have done, and that's descend upon the society in question like a plague of locusts.  The same holds here. And the Democratic Party is the prime vehicle for those who wish to see America's Christian and democratic heritage killed with fire.  Ol'uncle Joe Biden won't go this far - for now.  That may cause him some problems with the younger, more radical Leftists beginning to populate the Democrats.

But with time, and less time than we imaged a decade ago, much of America may cease to exist by the time my children are having children.  With that, as we can plainly see, will go such concepts as liberty, freedom, equality, human dignity and even a democratic republic.  We can see it.  We just aren't doing anything to stop it.

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