Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Taylor Swift is shocked that women have babies

And there's nothing more sexist than pointing it out.  Such is the bat crazy lunatic insanity of the post-modern world.  The headline boasts that she refused to answer such a sexist question.  Swift handled it gracefully, yet firmly, so the story says.

The sexist question?  If, upon turning thirty, she might have a baby and settle down.  Of course in our era of monogods, where everyone is a god of their reality focused on themselves, the idea that anyone might do anything for anyone else is anathema.  Likewise, the idea that women are the ones who have the babies, and that women might wish to do so, is an affront to modern science.  And our best and brightest are sure technology can soon be implemented that will undo this misogynistic notion that women are the ones who have babies.

It is likely that no generation in history is as moronic as ours.  The ghosts of the ancients and the medievals will rise up and condemn us as fools and idiots on the Day of Judgement.  And we'll deserve every bit of it.

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