Saturday, May 11, 2019

Dear Alyssa Milano

If women did something close to this for more noble reasons, we wouldn't need the abortion culture in the first place, would we? 

Abortion is the canvas upon which modern feminism is painted: a feminism that tells women they come first to the exclusion of any other priority, and should have everything they want without impediment.  That includes, but is not limited to, sex.  Men were more than happy to latch onto such a feminist mantra as long as that last part was zealously adhered to.  That required, of course, abortion, which has subsequently undone 2000 years of Christianity's insistence that, no matter how badly we fail, the gold standard is the sanctity of human life.  Instead, the gold standard now is the value of human life only when convenient to me.  It's just a question of who the 'me' will be when the inevitable smoke finally settles.

You see Ms. Milano?  If women could exercise the same restraint for reasons other than their libidos, I wouldn't be able to write that paragraph.  As it is, that little paragraph falls far short of accounting for the carnage, suffering and  destruction that has otherwise been wrought upon mankind by that very brand of feminism you're trying so desperately to preserve. 


  1. Whatever else I might complain about, I'm glad I lived long enough to watch feminists start sounding like Christians.

    1. The amazing thing is that this smacks in the face of liberalism's insistence that unlike food, oxygen and water, sex is simply not anything we can live without. That's the driving essence behind almost all our approach to the subject, that we simply can't choose to do without. Except, apparently, we can.


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