Tuesday, May 21, 2019

American racism done right

So we had this horrible story, about a raging black woman who, in a fit of anger, pushes an elderly white man off a bus.  Sadly for the man, he sustained injuries from which he was unable to recover.  He died shortly afterwards, the woman being charged in the assault.

And yet, not one story have I found from media outlets suggesting even once that this could be a hate crime.  Truth be told, I've found few stories in mainstream outlets covering it more than once.

That, my friends, is racism socially sanctioned.  Had this been a white person (esp. a man) pushing a black person (esp. a woman) to her death, you bet your bottom dollar it would be around the clock coverage.  It immediately would be assumed to be a hate crime, pending investigation.  Charges of racism and America's vile racist past would be floated.  You might even have protests and vigils popping up in Las Vegas or around the country. Perhaps join the growing movement to eradicate the memory of our white racist founders would gain steam.  And finally we'd find out it was all Trump's fault.

As it is, I've barely heard about it.  No vigils.  No headline news.  In fact, few national outlets covered it at all.  No condemnations really.  Certainly no suggestions of racism, bigotry or hate on the part of the accused.  Just a few stories and a couple social media posts.  And one old man who died violently. And that is all.

That is socially constructed racism in action.  This is the old Hollywood movie that has brave white explorers climbing a mountain with African porters close behind.  Suddenly, one of the porters slips and falls to his death.  The white explorers then scream out in terror: "Oh no!  There go the medical supplies!"  It didn't happen that often in movies, even in the early 30s.  But it was there.  Racism did exist in America, even if not in the cardboard, one dimensional way described by the Left.

But all we're seeing now is the same exact racism, but with different nameplates.  The Left has spent many long years convincing us not to care unless it impacts us.   If others die of AIDS, terrorism, fall through the cracks due to globalization, it's just the sacrifice we have to make.

Likewise, we've been taught to quickly see if we can exploit human death and suffering, or if we should just shrug our shoulders and move on.  The most egregious of this in recent months being the sad case of young Jazmine Barnes, whose death at the hands of a white man in a pickup truck was round the clock news for four days until the perpetrators turned out to be two black men involved in drugs.  Almost overnight every major news outlet and left wing publication dropped the story like a hot potato.

But we've been watching yet another development.  This is one that opponents of the concept of 'hate crimes' warned would happen if we went that direction.  Inevitably, we would begin saying a woman kidnapped, raped and tortured was really wronged if it was done for racist reasons.  And yet, even in the early days, we began noticing that the door to hate crime charges often only swung in certain directions.  So if the woman was white and the rapists black, can anyone ever really know?  But if she was black and the rapist white, then who needs and investigation?  Obvious it is a hate crime. So now, today, we literally will have some mock the notion that we should care about suffering or even death, if those doing so are not part of the designated demographics that matter.

Sure, news agencies may pick up this story some more if there are developments.  But how will they cover it?  In a series of disgraceful episodes, cases of white Trump supporters kidnapped, tortured, killed or even five police officers murdered by a black man hellbent on murdering white people were addressed almost with a pro/con attitude.  That is not how Ferguson, Baltimore or the Charleston shootings were addressed.  Nor was it how Tuscon was addressed.  It was how the Washington congressional shooting was addressed.  Likewise, the coverage between the Sri Lanka church bombings and the New Zealand mosque shooting couldn't have been more different.

But enough of this.  Who are we fooling?  Whether the Left really thinks all whites are racists or gives a damn about blacks or even mass shootings is anyone's guess.  What is patently obvious is that how the Left/Press covers such stories is radically inconsistent, and whether intentional or not, it is beginning to ingrain in our society - as well as our dear religious leaders - a whole new era of bigotry, prejudice, discrimination and apathy about human suffering unless it ends up impacting ... them.

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