Monday, May 27, 2019

On this Memorial Day

We remember the fallen.  We don't exploit them for our political gain.  We don't ignore those who can't be exploited for political gain.  We remember all who gave the last full measure of devotion.  We don't do this so I could have a country centered around me, that exists solely for my benefit and in order to destroy my fellow Americans who are the true enemy.  We remember those who fell so that we could all live in peace and freedom and seek to build a more perfect union, always aware of our own failures and our own shortcomings. 

There is great evil in our land today.  A hellish evil that spreads lies and sows divisions.  An evil that has seized many of our institutions of power and influence.  It embraces bigotry, racism and sexism while purporting to oppose the same.  It promises decadence and narcissism but seeks to deliverer oppression.  It is a threat to the very foundations of democratic society, justice, truth and freedom that it says it defends.  It is a movement that would keep our eyes focused on the hundreds, while standing on the corpses of its tens of millions. 

Those within that movement are not the enemy.  Not yet.  Even one so deluded and shameful as in the link above is not quite there.  Those who embrace the heresies, blasphemies, lies and madness that one must embrace to follow this movement should not be seen as enemies themselves.  Only the movement itself should be seen that way; a movement which is a heresy wrapped in blasphemy promising debauchery and delivering only tyranny.

Those blinded by, or duped into being within, this demonic revolt against God and mankind and liberty are still our fellow Americans who must be shown the light of the Gospel, and the message of freedom.  On this Memorial Day as much as ever, we remember those who died so that we could keep our country from falling into the hands of anything that seeks to destroy it.  We do the fallen honor when we remember heroes abroad and domestic, and remind ourselves that we have our freedoms so that we can rise to the heights, not sink to the depths.

To honor and remember

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