Monday, June 16, 2014

The Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

One thing the Catholic Faith does not lack is a day for almost any theological aspect of the Faith.  If you're from the original Reformation traditions, this isn't too far from your experience.  But if you're from your basic congregational based evangelical tradition, particularly those that grew up out of the American landscape, this may seem a strange - and if you're lucky, welcome - approach to the faith.

This is holdover from the days when the Church was the cultural canvas upon which life was painted.  Every day had to have something.  A Saint, a feast, a focus.   And so each day was its own teaching opportunity.

Yesterday was the Feast, or Solemnity, of the Most Holy Trinity.  The focus is, of course, on that particularly unique faith claim of orthodox Christianity that God is One God in Three Persons.  Not an easy concept to grasp.  Not two thousand years ago.  Not in the 21st century.  And it's not as if there haven't been alternate expressions of the Faith that decided this was too counter-intuitive, and a less convoluted understanding of God would help people sleep better at night.

Nonetheless, the Thrice Holy God of the orthodox confession became the Faith once and for all proclaimed to the nations, and it is still that claim that separates the Christian faith from all other competing Truth claims.  Yesterday's day was a chance to unpack that.  Like all things liturgical, the entire Mass was centered on this truth, and it's one of those delicious parts of the liturgical expressions that no matter how you'd like to forget some things or focus on the juicier sides of the Faith, the Church is here to bring us back to the foundations of what separates us from all others.

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