Saturday, June 21, 2014

Jon Stewart reminds us

That he's part of the growing consensus that progressivism and legislation should never be far from one another.  Follow this link and see him loving on the Redskins verdict, wondering why it's taking the country so long to legislate the indisputable truths as understood by the Left.  Like his partner yap dog for the left Mr. Colbert, Stewart occupies an important role in reaching a growing number of people with no time for facts, and a love for bumper sticker principles that uphold the post-modern Golden Rule: Do unto others as long as you don't do unto me.  Well done Jon.  You're everything we've come to expect from the post-liberal Left.

Also, Stewart inadvertently demonstrates the disdain and contempt for minorities who don't support the Leftist call for Censorship in the name of tolerance.

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