Friday, June 20, 2014

George Will demonstrates

That when it comes to the Leftist Juggernaut, there is no compromise.  Mr. Will, sometimes scorned by conservatives for not being aggressive enough, and just being a token conservative on otherwise liberal programs, has been sacked by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  This is because he questioned, and even critiqued, the idea that there is a pandemic or sexual assault on our campuses.  He doesn't say there is none, but says that the definition of sexual assault has been changed, and that some might be using the problem for their own interests, even including making false accusations.  Which is all true of course.  Again, he doesn't say rape is no big deal, or that there is no problem.  He simply examines the phenomenon and says that those who are victims enjoy a special status over others who may have their own grievances.  And for that, he's canned.  Maybe he's wrong.  But should he be canned?  The man who was the kinder, gentler conservative?

My guess is it's a convenient excuse.  According to the editor of the paper, this was months in the coming.  The piece, according to him, just 'made it easier.'  Again, for those saying nothing to see, I'd point out the growing love of punishing wrong think that is making its way into the press, and slowly inching its way into our government.

UPDATE: After watching some segments on this, notice that there is no discussion about whether he is factually correct.  With Censorship through the PC Back Door, the question of facts and truth is never discussed.  You've simply blasphemed.  And as such, punishment is demanded.

UPDATE II: CNN is having a discussion.  Ben Ferguson is trying to inject facts into the discussion.  When talking of the possibility of false accusations destroying the lives of those wrongly accused, he brings up the Duke Lacrosse case.  And the host? Hey yeah, that was unfortunate, but let's not forget the woman's life was ruined, too.  She was the one who made the bleeping false accusation! It's this level of purposeful idiocy that is pushed by the left that shows how tyranny arises.  FWIW, she finishes the segment by saying PC is not a bad thing and was 'put in place to draw a line around what is unacceptable.' Not really.  But what beauty.  What terror.  This is the future of tyranny, since you can't really argue against such idiocy when the idiocy holds a hammer lock on the institutions that should be fighting it.  It reinforces my notion that propaganda is not effective on the weak minded, as I was taught growing up.  It's instead effective on the willing minded.

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