Friday, June 6, 2014

A Just War

In the weird and strange world of the Catholic blogosphere, some contend that America has done nothing right.  Including its history of wars.  From the Revolution until now, every war ever fought was, in fact, unjust.  Not just in our bombings and A-bombs.  Just the very act of getting involved was wrong.  Some, following Ron Paul and other libertarians' who tend toward isolationism, buttress their arguments accordingly.  Here's an interesting quote from then Cardinal Ratzinger.  
If there ever was in history a bellum justum, it was certainly this one, in the engagement of the Allies, because the engagement also served the good of those against whose country war was waged. 
It's posted on a decidedly Traditionalist blog.  But it illustrates just how easily Catholics (at least on the Blogosphere) can meander in and out of what and when a Pope's writings matter, and when they miraculously don't.   So lest you wring your hands and fear that all this pomp and ceremony over the D-Day anniversary is allowing the Devil to walk with us, take comfort.  There's always that other part of the Church's paper trail that will assure you it's all OK. 


  1. Yeah... kind of funny to see someone like Shea recently talk about how the "elites are patriotic" while almost every other day he's bashing the nation.

    It's like if you had a friend and every time you spoke with them, you bashed and insulted his wife ("oh she's ugly - spoiled - so ungrateful - I can't believe you live in the same state as her" etc etc) only later to be shocked, SHOCKED that your friend is getting a divorce.

  2. Good analogy. I though about that myself. Sometimes I think it's almost personal. That is, Mark gives a pass based on personal relationships. So he started referencing the Imaginative Conservative in recent months. I couldn't figure out the trend. There were other similar sites that Mark had nothing to do with. Then last week he mentioned he personally knew one of the contributors. I think that's like several things. So his Dad appeared to be a veteran of WWII. So at least in parts his Dad was in, those still get the bands and bunting. Anything else? The Great Satan treatment. Again, always a dangerous temptation in ministry.


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