Sunday, June 15, 2014

A good start to Father's day

Friday 13th, a full moon, Father's Day weekend?  How better could it get?  The boys have already said they're buying steaks (with their own funds!) and will cook them out for me.  Now that my wife is working, she has insisted I get new shoes.  I have to admit, it is pretty embarrassing being at a meeting at work and feeling my toes pop through the end of the shoe, so that's a good thing.  And my youngest says Daddy needs new socks that fit!  Good boy that. My wife has to go to the doctor to see about helping her condition.  We found out that the biopsy was negative for Cancer, and that's always good.  But we're still not sure what the problem is.  She goes in for more tests Monday, and gets the results Friday.  My Mom, meanwhile, is still needing to see about her injury and broken shoulder bone.  There's a chance I could get a new position at work.  Nothing money-wise, but a real schedule including weekends off and actually leaving early enough in the evening to eat dinner with the family!  Woohoo!  So right now, I can't complain.  Things could be a lot worse, and I'm feeling pretty happy.  

BTW, the picture was 'borrowed' from Facebook.  We went out and took pictures, but none of them came out that well.  Still, it was fun.  We watched The Most Dangerous Game from 1932, and then told scary stories after we came in.  Too late for our youngest, but then he would have been scared otherwise. Fun stuff!

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