Monday, June 30, 2014

Hysteria on the Left

As the SCOTUS deals the third consecutive blow to the Left Wing juggernaut.  They seem to forget not too long ago when the court uplifted Obama's demand that everyone purchase healthcare (a position the US Bishops didn't seem to mind), as well as upholding the court's right to trump the democratic process when it comes to gay rights.  Even though it was a split decision, it was THE LAW OF THE LAND.  Much celebrating ensued.  Now, it's this, which shows that this is simply the classic Marxist approach of 'history about us vs. them.'  In this case, those who want religious liberty are the theocrats, and those wanting to impose a secularists values system on religion are the freedom fighters.


  1. It's almost comical. So your boss's (a person) religion (a right) should not trump your (a person) right? Does that mean if you get promoted you lose your rights? What if your a boss over some people but there's bosses over you? Do you get some rights more than the higher bosses but slightly less than those under you?

  2. It would be funny if so many didn't believe it. Or worse, not believe it but happily advance it simply because it gets them what they want. Whatever happened to a college education being what keeps us from falling for such birthright for a bowl of stew arguments?


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