Saturday, June 21, 2014

Meanwhile Ollivia Nuzzi

Demonstrates that puritans at Plymouth don't hold a candle to the intolerant zealotry of those pushing for gay marriage.  Notice the contempt and loathing for everyone she describes who fails to conform to the dogmas of liberal tolerance.  Notice the old trick of finding the worst elements in a group in order to avoid the substance of the debate. The more hysterics and calls for hatred of non-gay friendly wrong-think, the more you just know everyone can tell gay normality is B.S.  When I was growing up, I was taught in college that the reason religious fanatics were the way they were was because deep down, they knew it was B.S.  In fact, I was often told that zealotry and intolerance were the result of not-so-deep insecurities held by the intolerant individuals in question.  So assuming those old time liberals were telling the truth, what does that say about the fanaticism and intolerance of gay activists today?

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