Monday, June 2, 2014

Harry Reid goes after gas prices

Actually, he doesn't.  Like the media, he seems pretty much willing to focus on anything other than our anemic economy, rising gas prices, rising prices, and general unraveling in our international status.  Gay rights is always a good thing to focus on.  And in lieu of that, for instance when gay rights are steamrolling liberties and freedoms in one victory after another, turn to another old standard of the Left: Race Relations.  And so we still go after those pesky Redskins, in this case Reid all but saying if they don't change their name they'll regret it, as well as going after TCM to add censorship wishes on John Ford movies.  This is a Democrat.  A liberal.  Remember those?  The ones who wanted to be free, free your mind, live and let live, respect diversity and all that?  How much of this is just the logic of liberal hypocrisy, and how much of it is deliberate attempts to keep our mind off of perhaps one of our country's worst presidents, I don't know  But it's worth thinking about.

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