Monday, June 2, 2014

The Devil may care

But most hip moderns don't.  One of the strange phenomena of the recent age is that humanity emerged from the 20th century more or less rejecting the existence, or the importance, of the Devil.  Thomas McDonald, echoing Pope Francis's strange tendency to speak of Hell and the Devil as if they matter, reminds us that we follow the modern tendency at our own risk.  Complete with prayer to St. Michael, Mr. McDonald's post is a call to Catholics that our faith is more than a ceremonial wing of the post-Christian liberal Democratic party.  It also challenges those Catholics who have followed Liberal Protestantism in reducing the faith to an existential unpacking of psychological yearnings rather than something real based on what it always meant.  Read and enjoy.


  1. Actually the scariest prediction ever I think is CS Lewis (in the Screwtape Letters) talking about how the devils want a man that worships Satan and doesn't believe in him. I think we've gotten scarily close to that point nowadays where you see many who are pretty much atheist or agnostic, but admit to thinking Lucifer had a point... (I'd go on but you might not be able to sleep)

    Here, have a gif of Dean Winchester shooting Lucifer in the face.

  2. Yes, the greatest trick the Devil played after all.

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