Friday, June 6, 2014

I meant it when I offered prayers

For Mark.  It's not hard to see the general trend of his blog's (and quite frankly, his writing's) quality.

Sometimes it puts me in mind of those old campus preachers who used to show up in the Oval at Ohio State University to spew venom at us sinners while ignoring any entreaties that they could be wrong in how they're presenting their message.  Again, QA in Catholicism isn't one of the Church's strong points.  So for a person who I owe much to, who not only helped me understand Catholicism in a non-offensive way, but came to our material aid when my family needed it, I offer my prayers that someone who matters to Mark will step in and stop the downward spiral.  A downward spiral not just in quality, but in other more urgent areas as well.

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