Friday, September 6, 2013

Welcome back Great Eight

In a little blast of nostalgia, eager Cincinnati Reds fans got to see something they haven't seen in decades.  The Great Eight, the best starting lineup in baseball history, was finally reunited after a dazzling win tonight by those youngsters of 2013.  The glitch has been in getting Pete Rose back into the reunion.  Johnny Bench tried, but couldn't get around Rose's ban.  Rose, who foolishly bet on the game rather than rape, murder, sell drugs or take drugs, has been banished for decades from so much as using a bathroom near a little league baseball park.  But for Joe Morgan's weekend, they finally got the eight together.  When I was young, my Dad and a good friend of his went to see them several times during those two legendary seasons.  My Mom and Dad went once.  As a family we went once.  And I got to go with Dad, his friend, and his friend's son.  It was magic then.  And it brought a tear to the eye tonight.  Time is an odd thing. It makes you remember and yet reminds you that all times must pass.  Still, a nice chance to share with the family and tell our boys about all those years ago when we were their age.  My wife, who lived outside Cincinnati in those days, also went to see the Big Red Machine.  We've wondered if we were in the park together one of those nights.  I guess we'll never know.  Anyway, thanks for the memories boys, even if we were only children when you helped make them.

The Great Eight, the greatest starting lineup in baseball history, as we'll always remember them.
L-R Pete Rose, George Foster, Dave Concepcion, Johnny Bench, Cesar Geronimo, Joe Morgan, Ken Griffey, Tony Perez

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