Friday, September 13, 2013

It was Friday 13th

And so we broke with our usual tradition of saving Halloween specials until October.  Given my work schedule, and other obligations, we won't have the time we've had in the past.  In recent years it's gotten tougher, but we knew we wouldn't get the full battery of specials, movies and excursions that mark the Griffey Fall Festivities if we waited.  We'll still hold off the official ones in order to make the kick off what it always is, but decided to cheat by showing the Simpson's awesome Treehouse of Horror series, two of them at least.  We will save the first Treehouse special (and the best) for October.  We didn't want to break too much of the tradition.  But since it was Friday 13th, we had to do something. I must wake so early I can't stay up for a full movie, and my oldest went to the local high school football game.  It was such a fall feel, he couldn't resist.  So not much time and we decided to take this approach.  Pumpkin donuts and apple cider and a fun romp through a couple hilarious takes on some old horror tropes.  The boys' favorite is the spoof of Kubrick's The Shining.

Speaking of, since it's getting that time of year, I thought I'd post this little gem, one of the most magnificently eerie openings to any movie in any time:

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