Friday, September 20, 2013

Papal firestorm to commence at three

So the news broke that Pope Francis has said it's time to get over the whole abortion, contraception and gay marriage rigmarole and get to the universal embrace of all people without question.  At least the versions I've read speak as though that's what he wrote. According to the stories I've seen, liberal Catholics, liberals in general, non-Christians and various abortion, gay and contraception friendly groups have commenced with dancing in the streets.  Meanwhile more conservative or traditional minded Catholics are everything from disappointing to crushed.

Me?  Don't know.  I've read what quotes I've found in what context I could put together.  Like many things, I don't think it's what he's saying that's the issue. I would like to read it as he's saying we have to get to the heart of the disease and not worry about the symptoms for now, but get there later.  But if that's the case, then at some point he needs to speak to the disease and point out the symptoms are part of it, not just optional opinions for a world increasingly focused on me. 

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