Saturday, September 28, 2013

Climate Change has become a religion

Man will worship something.  And in lieu of traditional religious beliefs, he can come up with some doozies.  Take climate change.  I have no doubt that Industrialization has not been healthy for the environment.  Or for humans.  The lesson being that just because we can do something doesn't mean we should.  Also, don't put blind faith in the latest lab coat saying the new invention will end death and align the planets.  Even if it does, the paybacks could be a witch with a 'b'.

But those aren't the lessons we want to learn.  In fact, we ignore those as we move the power of science and technology away from factories and industry to re-imagining the human person and plugging human existence into a digital socket.  The lesson instead is 'how can we change Western Civilization and use this as the latest in many post-Cold War scare tactics to keep the sheep in the circle?'.

Now in this story, and this story, we have two different perspectives, based on the ideologies involved.  Behind the 'we're going to freaking die'! hysteria is the Liberal revolution.  So CNN has a story in which the UN has all but proven MMGW is a fact that is going to doom the world unless the last vestiges of the Christian West tear down their livelihoods and let the rest of the world catch up.  Oh, and we have to vote for liberal Democrats and embrace socialist style control of our lives.

Fox, on the other hand, represents that skeptical notion that industrial progress couldn't have caused anything bad, after all look at the billions we've made and we all have air conditioning and the latest app that's helping to make more millionaires and billionaires.  Climate Change?  Hardly.

Me?  I figure, again, that the bold and blind leap humanity took with industrialization was like a giant party from which we are now beginning to wake with quite the hangover.  The world became a giant prostitute to be, well you know, and now we're paying the bill in money and disease control.  I seriously doubt the decision to wrench people from living within the natural world and setting artificial contaminants and cancer causing pollution between us and nature was a brilliant move, no matter how nice our big screen TVs look.

But with that said, I seriously doubt that it's all 'we're going to die!'.  My guess is, we're dying already.  But not in the 'vote Democrat or the Polar Bears don't have a chance' sense.  I'm  especially skeptical because of the obvious twisting and manipulating of data and evidence that we see.  So things like Hurricane Sandy are pointed to, even though such hurricanes have happened in the past.  And yet the fact that we were supposed to have season after season filled with hurricane Sandies is not mentioned at all, even though that was the prediction fifteen years ago based on MMGW.

Same with eroded shorelines.  Those seafront metropolises were supposed to have been submerged by now, according to a plea by scientists in the late 90s.  If we didn't get radical, it would happen in ten years!  Well, they're still there.  So are polar bears.  Plus, while parts of the world have been hotter, others have been mild.  In our part of the world, it was a rather mild and wet summer, but nothing stunning either way.

Of course that's when it gets crazy, and we're told it doesn't count because it's weather, even though they appeal to such weather based events to build their cases.  Whenever someone tells me that something is always never sometimes, I'm suspicious.  When it goes from Global Warming to Global Climate Change to Global Climate Disruption back to Global Warming based on what is convenient for the argument, count me a skeptic.

So climate change?  Yeah.  Always has happened.  Blank check to science and technology and invention?  Bad idea.  Just because we can doesn't always mean we should.  But humans are a pox upon the world and only by accepting some - ahem - political and social reconstructing of society can we save the world from blowing up?  Sorry.  Fool me once.  Fool me for twenty years?  You get the picture.

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