Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our trip to Williamsburg

An intro.  I hope to have more thoughts (and pics) in the coming days and weeks.  But I couldn't resist these. Most are of my always awesome family.  The last one is, well, a pic I'm proud of as I caught the exact second of ignition of a revolutionary mortar.  Others will follow as I unpack a few things that made this the best of trips, and the worst of trips.  And a stunning realization of just how true is the adage that America, as well as the Christian West, may well passed their better days. 

The family, coming through a trail from the Jamestown Glasshouse (which was out of commission, alas)

Our youngest dons a vintage helm much like his oldest brothers did when they were that age

Our oldest, his hair tossed about in the breeze, contemplates something

Our ninth grader, in a perpetual growth spurt, looks over the side of a replica of the Susan Constance

Our eighth grader, striking an unusually pensive pose overlooking the James River

He carries a stick, and isn't afraid to use it - peers be warned

The oldest three, they've been through a lot together and despite it all, remain (for the most part) close

World's cutest wife with two of the boys, who seem to be wrestling with 18th century fashion

Usually I'm the picture taker, but every now and then one gets by me

Awesome, what can I say

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