Thursday, June 2, 2022

We call this epic defeat

The crazy is boiling over these days.  I haven't followed Mark's twisting and turning in light of the Roe leak that much.  Why bother?  Likewise I haven't bothered with his reaction to the two shootings the media has covered over the last couple weeks.  Again, why bother?  

True, I get links and images of what he says.  Usually I don't waste time reading them because, again, why bother?  Some say Mark is a cautionary tale.  That is, if we're not careful we could end up like him.   Certainly there is the problem of Mark promoting a false gospel as a professional and endorsed apologist.  If we take seriously the eternal implications of people being led astray, that is important. But again, there is only so much we can do, right?  

Nonetheless, I had to, just had to, post this from an ongoing set of posts about last week's horrible shooting:

Saying absolutely nothing of value in 46 words

You see that?  That's called defeat. Crushing defeat. That's called admitting you're absolutely wrong without admitting it. That's called nothing meaningful to say in return.  Because it's true.  Within days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Western press began focusing on the heroism of the Ukrainians.  Included in this were endless stories of praise for armed Ukrainian citizens rushing out to defend their nation against the evil Russian invaders. From celebrities and media outlets to pundits of all stripes, the heroism of these gun toting citizens was universally celebrated. 

And rightly so, I should add.  No matter what one might think of other angles of the Russian invasion, bravery is bravery.  But there is a problem.  The praise was going to citizens using guns to fight a major military invasion from a sovereign nation in our modern age. 

When American gun owners say defense against such threats is the purpose for the Second Amendment, they are typically met with mockery, laughter, derision and outright condemnation.  Mark himself has often heaped mountains of scorn on such thinking, stating that there is no way a bunch of gun wielding yahoos could make a difference against a modern army.  And yet, here we are.

So what do you do if you are a gun control activist faced with yet another case where gun control narratives are based on falsehoods?  Well, you do what Mark did.  You post a rambling bunch of blather akin to what you might expect in a middle school locker room.  Heh.  I have to admit I laughed out loud when I was shown his Twitter post.  That's why I posted it.  To share the fun. And to relish in yet another leftwing narrative brought low by pesky facts and realities. 


  1. Mark wants the American taxpayer to pay for American weapons to be sent to Ukrainian civilians, all while conveniently ignoring America's long and distinguished history of giving weapons to people who turn out to be bad actors. Meanwhile, he doesn't want to criminalize abortion. He thinks that's an issue that invites nuance. He claims that the Catholic Church doesn't explicitly call for the legal abolition of abortion, which even a non-Catholic moron like me knows isn't true, but he insists that a good Catholic must support the end of private gun ownership, the creation of his preferred healthcare system, and the enactment of every social welfare program proposed by Democrats. Funny how that works out.

    1. Mark is a pure leftist, end of statement. He aligns completely with the Left and seeks to eradicate the Left's opponents. He ist he pure partisan. The funny part about Mark is t hat, for reasons nobody quite knows, he seems to put almost no effort in actually working things out or checking to see if something is right or wrong. He relies on what can only be compared to pre-adolescent rage and breath holding. Like his post above. That could be boiled down to a few easy words from Mark: I was wrong.

  2. Meanwhile President Zelenskiy, who gives Guns to Civilians for the Purpose of Shooting Russian Soldiers, Complains that Russian Soldiers are Shooting Civilians.
    He also Complains that a Russian hit on a School Killed a Bunch of Children to when He's the one that Ordered Kids back to School in the Middle of a War. He's Praised by the same People in America that wanted to Lock Down an Entire Country because of a Glorified Flu Pandemic.

    1. In fairness, that is exactly why many in the US favor gun rights, in case such a thing could ever come to us. And that includes our own government. As the Left pushes to make the definition of fascist enemy of the state into anyone right of center, it's not hard to see such concerns validated. But that's all Ukraine is doing, what American gun rights advocates want to be able to happen here if, God forbid, such a need should ever arise.

    2. I'm not complaining about giving guns to Civilians. I think that's great. I'm just saying it's hypocritical to then complain that Russian Soldiers are Shooting at civilians.


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