Friday, June 24, 2022

The US Ministry of Lies swings into action

By now the earthshattering news of the Roe decision has shaken things up.  Even now I'm listening to the Ministry frame this as a threat to women, gays, minorities, Jews, and anyone you can imagine.  To hear the liars on the press, the bodies will begin piling up any minute. 

Meanwhile Justice Roberts is being portrayed as an impotent compromiser suggesting this is the result of rightwing political hacks rather than Supreme Court justices.  Whether that is a fair take on Roberts' statements or not, I don't know.  I'm just shocked at the naked partisanship that we all know, but never ceases to shock when it goes to the next level.  

It should get more interesting in the coming months.


  1. Shocking? The inevitable Left-wing rants are so predictable as to be downright yawn-inducing. Even the vandalism is so disappointingly tame that the Corporate media is able to sweep it under the rug without much effort

    1. It's expected to be sure. But as one who grew up under the old fa├žade of 'an objective news media', the willingness to thrown any pretense of objectivity out the window and be pure advocates for leftwing activism still continues to amaze.


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