Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Ukrainian Pride

Doesn't really exist, despite the LGBTQ community embracing and celebrating Ukrainians everywhere:

We've seen the same with the LGBTQ community and Islam. Despite the fact that all across the Islamic world, those in the LGBTQ community are marginalized at best, and outright persecuted and even executed at worst, the love is palpable. More than once the LGBTQ community has marched in solidarity with Islam over and against the nation where gay marriage is legal and almost anyone who speaks out against it can be ostracized for spreading hate. 

Does it make any sense? No.  At least it doesn't if you think this issue is about the rights of people being different genders or having a particular sexual proclivity.  Just like thinking other such social justice movements care about blacks and violence or women and sexual assault.  If you think these things matter to these movements, you'll be puzzling about such seeming contradictions until your puzzler is sore. 

If you have the nagging suspicion that none of these minority groups matter at all, however, and they are being exploited and hoisted in order to advance entirely separate agendas, you might sleep better at night.  You might not have the definitive answer about what the agendas really are.  But you'll at least be able to rest peacefully knowing what they aren't.  


  1. A few years ago people had fun posting online and in real life "Islam is right about women."

    Conservatives could answer the charge easily: No, Islam is wrong.

    Leftists had a harder time. They couldn't say that Islam was wrong in any way, but they also knew that agreeing to this statement would make them endorse treating women as property. But they couldn't say that they opposed those aspects of Sharia law because to even admit that Islam had those characteristics would be to give up the whole game. Most just talked about the statement being posted by "bigots" while giving no detail on what part of the statement was bigoted.

    1. I find duplicity is a key characteristic of the modern Left. They know full well what life is like in most Muslim countries, but they don't dare admit it. I talked to a Syrian immigrant some years ago back during the Syrian civil war and ISIS. He was an Orthodox Christian. He said they don't like Assad, but they'll take him over a Muslim dictator. Because Assad was more or less secular and persecuted everyone equally. So the US didn't have a problem getting involved and picking sides. But if a Muslim were to take over and target only Christians or other similar groups, the US and Western media would turn their backs because it wouldn't fit the 'Religion of Peace' narrative. They're not stupid in the world. I think far more people in the world see what the Left is doing, even if some are happy to let the Left keep doing it.


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