Wednesday, June 1, 2022

In case we are confused by our pagan surroundings


Again, I will never, ever celebrate what the Christian Faith has universally called a sin, and what most of the world through its darkest days of insanity understood to be a major fault.   The same goes for rainbows and, for that matter, goats.  It's time for Christians to stop saying it's no big deal.  A single ant is no big deal.  A billion ants is a problem.  The loss or change of one minor tradition once in a generation is no big deal.  The assault on every truth claim and belief rooted in God's revelation on a thrice daily basis is a big deal, and it's high time we start acting as if it is a big deal. 

I'd say it's time to reclaim what we've so carelessly lost.  If the rest of the world wishes to peddle its way along the wide path, that's on the world.  Believers must stay faithful if we expect non-believers to see the value in doing so. 


  1. There is no pride in a man having another man penetrate his anus and deposit his seed.
    There is no pride in a man using his mouth as a vessel for other men in which to deposit their junk
    There is no pride in two men pretending to be married.
    There is no pride in two men buying a child to justify their lifestyle as 'married' homosexuals.
    There is not pride in an adopted child who has a high risk of losing his or her 'parent' to suicide or aids.
    There is no pride in losing your life or health for a few minutes of sexual pleasure.
    There is no pride in throwing your perversity in God's face and calling it justice.
    There is no pride in exposing yourself in a 'gay' parade and imitating sexual acts when children are present.
    There is no pride in being a pervert.

    1. Bluntly put, but true. I notice that everything you say and the way you say it is boiled down to the term 'gay' in our modern age. I remember Mark Shea once said that was one of the great casualties of the whole gay rights era - the loss of a perfectly usable and wonderful word. He went on to say how continued indulging in sin has that effect, the loss of so much that is good. It also demands we not be honest about what it's really all about in the way you have written. Instead, we say new clothes instead of naked because we're forced to.

  2. (Tom New Poster)
    A writer in the 1990s addressed this issue. In a book called "Unicorn in the Sanctuary" (dealing with attempts to smuggle occult ideas into the Faith), the Catholic author listed common New Age symbols, but at the end cautioned: "Just because somebody uses a symbol doesn't mean he owns it."
    We have to stop letting them. Let's put an end to heraldic imperialism!

    1. Yeah, that was my little dig about GOAT suddenly meaning 'greatest of all time' (growing up, a 'goat' was a person who messed up, like Charlie Brown who was often called a 'goat' in the comic strips). I said in another generation or two, homilies about Matthew 25 will need to pause and explain to the youngsters that being a goat is in this case a bad thing. I don't think it's a grand conspiracy to steal and change all such terminology and symbolism, but I think it's a side effect that followers of the modern paganism are more than happy to accept.


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