Friday, March 29, 2019

San Antonio demonstrates life in the American Soviet

By banning Chik-fil-A from opening in the San Antonio Airport.  This is because Chik-fil-A demonstrates wrong-think regarding the all important LGBTQ issue.  You either conform to the liberal dogmas of sex and genitals, or it's the reeducation camps.

This should also be a warning shot to those GOP types who imagine Texas is just Red Blood Red State and a firm addition to the Republican camp.  It isn't.  A growing number of 'Conservatives' are, in fact, beginning to swing liberal, albeit slowly, when it comes to this wedge issue of all wedge issues.  Once they go down that path, to quote the wise man, forever will it dominate their lives.  It won't be long before they become liberal in all things.  I've seen it happen more than once (I'm looking at you John Kasich). 

Again, the gay issue has become the crux, the foundation for destroying the United States and the remnants of the Christian West.  When I was in school, everyone thought abortion would be the big issue that leads to civil war.  But that's too varied and complex.  The LGBTQ issue cuts straight down the line between those who hold to the traditions of a Christian creation, and those who embrace the new liberalism.  And it's being used, as San Antonio demonstrates, as the first step in making America a country with no tolerance for those who dare defy the Leftist State.

Of course it won't stop there.  Once we're comfortable with the State punishing those who embrace wrong-think about this issue, there will be many more issues added to the list.  The only thing that could stop them - a coordinated effort by those who would resist - won't work, since it's clear a growing number of those who should resist are tired of the same, and are willing to give in. 

If you think this is an over the top reaction on my part, consider when several politicians came out against Chik-fil-A some years ago.  The first time such a thing happened in terms of politicians punishing a restaurant for its religious beliefs.  Even gay rights activists protested.  See those protests now?  See anyone taking to the streets to protest this?  Hear anyone speaking out at all? 

That's how freedom dies, slow and baby steps at first.  Then it picks up steam. And the growing ease with which we accept punishing people based on skin color, religion, religious belief and failure to conform to the Left merely shows we're moving to that next stage where the freedoms begin to be lost at breakneck speed. 

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