Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Meanwhile in Nigeria

While the horrific Christchurch shooting brings those on the Left together with Muslims to sound the alarm bells about Islamophobia, white supremacy and of course the need for tighter gun control, in Nigeria we have ongoing slaughter of Christians by Muslims to the tune of some 6000 victims and counting.  Here is the story.

I usually don't link to something as obviously invested in the story, but there was a dearth of stories in the national and international press covering this little corner of the world.

PREEMPTIVE UPDATE: Anyone notice that the whole 'Global White Nationalism/Islamophobia Threat' emphasis has sort of died out.  As I looked about for examples of that emphasis, I noticed that now it's mostly just about gun control.  Almost immediately following the Christchurch shooting, the gun control issue was side by side with the rising global threat of white extremism and racism and the global plague of Islamophobia.  But it's been a couple days since I saw or heard that particular angle, and most cases I found were dated a couple days ago.  I'm sure it's there, but it's not the top emphasis the way it was.  Clearly the case could be made based on the shooter and what he had to say.  I wonder why it hasn't continued like the racist angle of, say, the Charleston church shooting.  I've learned that when trends like this happen across the press/punditry circles, it's seldom a coincidence. 


  1. Did you ever hear about the Nashville church shooting?

    I think your answer may lie there.

    1. Vaguely. The link is to the NYT (I have a limited # of articles I can access a month), so I had to look elsewhere. Apparently it was all too complicated, and you just can never tell a motive when that sort of thing happens - which is likely why I heard so little about it.

    2. Oops, wasn't sure if the thing posted. Well there's also the washington post. But the NYT link says in the first paragraph:

      "The 25-year-old black man accused of a deadly shooting at a church near Nashville had a note in his car that made reference to revenge for the church massacre carried out by a white supremacist in Charleston, S.C., according to a report by The Associated Press."

      Yeah. Total mystery...

      (also apparently a weapon carrier helped bring a halt to the attack, which probably also contributed to it being "forgotten")

    3. Ouch, stopped by a gun on top of it. At this point the press is dead. We merely have outlets that exist to maintain narratives by over-reporting stories that validate the narratives, and downplaying (or outright ignoring) those that don't. And that's not even getting into the slanted coverage and sometimes outright falsehoods reported. That's what I meant a while back when I said I suddenly realized I don't know what's going on in the world.


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