Friday, March 15, 2019

Thoughts and prayers for the victims of Christchurch

What horrible news is coming out of New Zealand.  Dozens of innocent worshipers were brutally gunned down in at least two different mosques.  We don't have to wonder about the motive, if it matters now.  Right now, thinking on those poor victims who had no idea this would be their last day on earth, as well as their loved ones, friends, and all who will be left vacant in the wake of this evil slaughter. 

I will not plow forward to make political hay, nor will I point fingers hither and yon, trying to score ideological points by using such a horrific massacre.  There will be time in the future to truly look at the blackness of hearts that have pushed us to where we are.  I'll leave it right now with prayers for all touched, and for peace and strength for them to bear the awfulness of the upcoming weeks and months.  I also pray for peace and a calm and that we pull back from the terrible brink toward which we appear to be rushing. 

I'll merely note that perhaps the fact that my offering thoughts and prayers would have become itself a controversial and counter-cultural stance to take, even condemned by followers of Christ Himself, might be a clue as to where we need to look before more such murderous and demonic hate claims yet other victims. 

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