Thursday, March 7, 2019

I would have bought one

Had I known:

Truth be told, I wasn't into the Star Wars toy line back in those crazy, hazy days of Star Wars mania.  I preferred a now obscure toy line called Micronauts.  That's "The Interchangeable World of" the Micronauts.  The infinite combinations that you could build with Micronauts attracted me more than the rather stiff and unwieldy Kenner selection for Star Wars.

Nonetheless, knowing what I know today, I'd have scoured the earth if they had such a thing. 


  1. I know of micronauts. Ever scoured youtube for them?

    1. I still have them. Boxed up. They probably wouldn't be worth much. IIRC, after so much play time, the joints became loosened and didn't work well. But for memory sake - and to let the boys get a little dose of pre-tech kiddom, I kept them around. I'd be scared to look for them, I might just do what I did with Dark Tower. :)

    2. Don't fear it. Embrace it. ;)

      I'd still like to try Dark Tower sometime. I saw there was a company that seems to work on finding & restoring old board games. If they haven't done Dark Tower already, maybe you should get them to do so. ;) I'll try to see if I can find who that is.

    3. I actually tracked down a working copy of DT for not too much a year or so ago. I posted about it here:


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