Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Andrew Sullivan speaks truth to bigotry

And gets push-back from America's leftist propaganda industry in Hollywood.  Basically Sullivan tells a room full of 'Hollywood heavyweights' (loosely defined) that they need to stop treating white people living between the coasts like subhuman bigoted scum.  This, naturally, resulted in a backlash from the bigots in the room who are quite happy with hating based on gender, race, religion and national origin - as long as those being hated are deemed evil by the Marxist Left.  Read it here

Given Hollywood's track record in accepting the bigotry of the day (see its past treatment of blacks, Hispanics, gays, Asians, and other minority groups), a good rule of thumb might be to assume whoever Hollywood is currently marginalizing might just be victims of the latest cultural blot on our nation's heart.  It certainly is enough to make me consider how I can assume, after being so wrong so often, Hollywood is finally right when it comes to who we should really despise based on the latest definition of unclean.

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