Thursday, March 7, 2019

Global Warming will wipe entire nations off the map in ten years

If we don't take drastic measures now to stop it.  So says this AP piece reporting a UN prediction from 1989.  The ten year mark for the climate apocalypse, BTW, was 2000.  That must have been assuming Y2K didn't get us first.

Make this another reason in a long list demonstrating why I reject the MMGW (that's Man Made Global Warming) narrative.  Do I think the last couple centuries of over reliance on STEM has had a detrimental impact on our environment including, but not limited to, our climate?  Sure.  Why not?  Half of the problems we hear about today were caused by STEM based inventions and initiatives that were supposed to fix other problems generations ago.  Obviously 'Science!' is not the magic wand that solves everything if you only give science and technology a blank check.

Nonetheless, I also think the issue of climate change is a molehill of science upon which a Himalayan mountain range of agendas and biases and politics has been piled.   One thing that helps me sleep good a night with such a counter-cultural view is just going back and looking at all the times we were already supposed to be dead because of Global Warming/Climate Change/Climate Disruption.

The problem is that I'm all for conservation and being good stewards of the world God created.  I'm also willing to look at the negatives of always rushing to 'Science!' as our first line of anything when there is a problem.  It's just that you can't dare acknowledge a problem regarding our environment without people assuming you buy into the laughably partisan and self serving narratives that dominate the climate conversation today.

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