Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Christian lawmaker attacked for her Christian prayer

Really.  From the party that over the last year produced no fewer than three US senators who told Christians their faith should preclude them from holding office, we have this.  Whether we want to haggle over having prayers or not and how it should be done is another issue.  But if you're fighting to have all people be able to have prayers in an assembly, and then turn and attack a Christian for a Christian prayer that doesn't fall in line with your politics, I can't help but guess you're less interested in everyone praying as much as you are they being allowed to use their prayers only in accordance with your politics.

But beyond that issue, which is a fair issue, note the contempt, the disdain for her prayer.  Note how they attack it and belittle it:
"On a day that should be celebrated across Pennsylvania as we see the first Muslim woman sworn into office, we instead started off with a rambling, at times incoherent prayer that consisted of weaponizing the name of Jesus while dipping into partisan rhetoric on President Donald Trump" - Jordan Harris
Does having a Muslim woman negate the ability to invoke prayer if it also prays for Trump?  But rambling?  Incoherent?  Weaponizing?

Extemporaneous prayer, BTW, is a very Evangelical thing. They are essentially attacking her religious beliefs and practices with their contempt for the style of her prayer.  Which shouldn't surprise us. Evangelical Christians who reject the Left, and especially if they are white, are about the most openly hated group in America today.

Note also, however, that the Muslim lawmaker in question declares it Islamophobia.  What, I wonder, makes it so?  Is it failing to accept a Muslim/Leftist view on things?  Would the Muslim lawmaker have been upset if someone got up and prayed for a Palestinian State?  I don't know.  I wouldn't want them to, even if I disagree with the point at hand. I understand that religion is a very personal thing, and how we see various issues can be informed by, and can inform, our beliefs.

But again, note the article.  Note the contempt, the loathing.  Note the clear demarcation between being a bigot and an aggressive hater, and being in full lockstep with the Left.  This is where we're heading.  The Democrats are making it clear this is where we're going.  And so far American Muslims, by shocking numbers, appear more than happy to see us going there.

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