Thursday, March 21, 2019

The most feared man in the Republican party today

Dan  Crenshaw.  The reason I'm opposing the sudden interest in digging into Beto O'Rourke's past, his college days, his childhood, in order to mock him and attack him and possibly destroy him is that we are therefore giving approval to the Left to do the same to the likes of Crenshaw.  Even if it would be a counter to the press's gushing praise and worship of O'Rourke, I think it's better to stand on principles at this point.

I know, I know.  The Left will do it anyway.  But if we support digging into people's past, then they'll have the completely justifiable accusation of hypocrisy, and with a sympathetic propaganda ministry to back them up, will be able to derail the opposition accordingly.

Right now the Leftist rags are doing the usual Leftist/Troll/Bilge of finding anything at all they can attack Crenshaw over - usually simply the fact that Crewshaw isn't a leftist.  That means he must be stupid and dumb and stupid and things like dumb.  In fact, the flurry of attack pieces aimed at him whenever he opens his mouth or tweets strongly suggests they're worried.

But Crenshaw himself has proven remarkably resilient.  Sure, he's merely a Representative.  What could someone who's only a Rep. do in the national spotlight?  Heh.  But he scares them, that much I can see.  I'll be watching him in the upcoming years.


  1. Right about now I pray for a Ben sasse/Dan Crenshaw presidential ticket. I don't care who is prez vs vice just those two fill me with conservative pride.

    1. I really don't know much about Crenshaw. Like most, I first heard about him when that fellow on SNL did the decent thing and mocked a disabled veteran. I only paid a bit of attention and then moved on. But I noticed in my news feeds a spate of 'Crewnshaw is dumb/says dumb/does dumb' articles from Left wing rags, and decided to look into it more. The more I dug, the more I could recognize someone the Left fears. I'll look into it more, but I don't think, on the surface at least, such a ticket is outside of my consideration at this point (the biggest criticism of Crewnshaw is the old captcrisis from Patheos dig: if you don't hate Trump, you're entire body of opinion is therefore null and void).


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