Thursday, March 28, 2019

The press as enemy of the people

Reflected on at The Federalist.  What we are watching, and what we may never learn about, was the attempt to steal a valid election from the opposition party.  Leftist pundits and reporters were correct, it does make Watergate seem like a spitball contest by comparison.  But it wasn't Trump.  It was the Left, perhaps including the Obama administration, FBI, US news media, the Democratic party and even the DOJ.  I don't know.  We'll never know, because the only thing that might dig in and find the ugly truth was clearly behind the attempted coup. 

BTW, as a family member pointed out, this threat to our freedoms would be nowhere but by the support of the free market which, apparently, has read the ledgers and concluded all things sex, drugs and Marxism is the way to go, and punishing, firing, and wrecking those who dare cling to the old ways is good business sense.  So whatever economic benefits the free market brings might just come at the cost of losing everything else to have them.  Just an observation that I'm at pains to refute. 


  1. There is an old saying about usurpation attempts that goes something like, that if your going to kill the king, you kill king, failure means death. They failed and they are in a lot of trouble. What makes this unique is that normally there are a lot of institutional protections that would protect the key players, but i sense, they have knocked down so many of those barriers to get Trump that they may have left themselves wide open. I kind of feel like I have just watched a poker player who was bluffing go all in and get called. His only hope is that his opponent was bluffing too. Unfortunately for him the opposition has a royal flush and insist on turning over the cards one at a time slowly.

    1. They cut down all the trees to get at the devil and now the devil turns around on them.

    2. What Nate said, but in this case, they still have some barriers, and that's each other, especially the press that can simply shut down a story if it so chooses.


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