Monday, April 1, 2019

Unplanned movie and the tyranny and evil of the pro-infanticide Left

Pretty over the top title for this post it would seem.  And yet, what part of it is wrong?  The Left has thrown its hat behind infanticide.  And don't give me 'it's only babies who can't live or will be horribly deformed.'  That's what infanticide was: killing children deemed unable to be cared for, or sickly, handicapped, terminally ill or some other similar impediment.  The killing of healthy babies was typically reserved for human sacrifice cultures which ranged from Asia through Europe, Africa and the Americas (but not, it should be mentioned, within the Judeo-Christian heritage).

So yes, in addition to embracing suicide and pushing euthanasia, the Left has gone full infanticide (we won't discuss its embrace of racism, sexism, discriminating against Christians and embrace of history's most disastrous economic theory).  So what happens when a film is produced challenging this moral stance?  The Left does what it does best: if it can't ban, it moves to suppress and censor anything to do with the film to keep it hidden from view.

That is exactly what has happened.  Here I Googled to see the latest news and noticed, just as no major Network would run ads for the film, no major news outlet was mentioning it or its surprising box office performance.  This, by the way, despite being given an "R" rating. Likewise, there are plenty of stories buzzing about regarding Twitter removing its accounts and reviewers being blocked from various movie review sites. 

I've said for years that the Left is not the only monstrous evil in the world.  Heck, it's not the only one here in America.  But it's the one fully embraced by many of the powers that be in our nation.  It's promoted by the safeguards that should protect us from such sin: the press, education, the arts and especially religion.  And among those who see it for what it is, there is limp-wristed resistance at best, always seeming to wrestle with the dilemma of how to resist the obvious, and yet not give up that cushy editorial job suffering for Jesus on six figures a year.

But bravo for the filmmakers.  They will suffer the slings and arrows from the usual Leftist arsenal of 'you suck, you're an idiot and moron, you hate women or minorities' or similar rhetorical devices.  They will be scorned and hated like someone trying to do a revival of Tevye the Dairyman in 1930s Germany. 

So prayers for the brave producers and contributors to this film, as well as the woman of courage whose story inspired it.  They will receive the full hatred from the side of infanticide, including those who have apostatized themselves and now fully endorse the movement dedicated to killing those innocents they speak so much about.  But those behind the movie will also receive half-hearted support, or even trivial digs and attempts to justify avoidance, from those who would claim fealty to life and the Gospel, but aren't ready to give up their comfortable living among the altars of Moloch. 

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