Wednesday, April 3, 2019

What I know about Lori Lightfoot in our post-human era of identity politics

I know she is black, and I know she is gay.  That's it.  I've seen four stories, and read three, and so far, apart from some bits about her outsider appeal and election tidbits, that's all I know.  Has she fought crime, cured cancer, molested teddy bears?  No clue.  Was she top, bottom, middle of her class?  I don't even know if she went to school.  I know she's black, and she's gay.  That's what the focus has been, that what the stories have covered, that's apparently all I need to know.

Welcome to the era that put to rest the question of human beings once and for all.  There are no humans.  There are only those who are herded into designated demographic identity categories.  And our worth, value and purpose is defined not by what we do or what we accomplish, but to which demographic as designated by the Left we happen to belong.

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