Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Soviet of San Antonio

San Antonio, ironically named for Saint Anthony, has reaffirmed its decision to invoke the glorious censorship in order to punish Chick-fil-A's thought crimes.  It will not allow an enemy of the Leftist State to be in its airport.  By now we should realize that nothing LGBTQ is about rights.   It's about imposing a set of values on others.  It's about legislating morality.  It's about conversion to another gospel, another world view, another moral absolute.  And if you fail to convert and conform, then its to the ghettos you belong.

This is brought to you by American liberalism, which once condemned imposing values on others, judging others, trying to convert others, or legislating morality.  In short, this is brought to you by American liberalism that once promised a nation where all animals are equal, but is now making it clear that going forward, some animals are simply going to be more equal than others.

Apart from the martyrdom of the Faithful in Christ at Sri-Lanka, I'm trying to avoid topical posts this Holy Week.  Nonetheless, the left's obvious attempts to repackage the slaughter of Catholic Christians at Sri-Lanka, combined with attempts like these to marginalize and segregate those who fail to bow before the Leftist altar, are reminders of just what the enemy currently is, and what it looks like.

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