Thursday, April 4, 2019

It was Capitalism all along

In a reminder that Capitalism without Christ can quickly spiral into the next Communism, once again we have the biggies of Corporate America, darlings of the free market, champions of Wall Street, joining forces to threaten within an inch of their financial lives those in Texas who dare blaspheme the gospel of the LGBTQ movement.  Just like N. Carolina not too long ago.

I was once asked how something like Capitalism or the Free Market could ever become like Communism.  Well, this.  And this is while we're still technically a free country.  Imagine what would happen if we weren't.  It might not be the government that steps in and destroys the precious freedoms of the market as much as the market that  hijacks the goverment and uses its own infinite financial resources to put a bullet in the 2500 year climb toward democracy and liberty.

As I said, our march toward tyranny and a Marxist totalitarian state based on debauchery and blasphemy would be nowhere without Madison Avenue running along, encouraging every step of the way.

Bonus: Another Godfather reference that came to mind when thinking of conservatives who still fall on the sword for the Market, even as we have to realize it has been the Market handing us hammers and nails with which to crucify Jesus or else:

I really need to watch that film again, it's been too long.

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