Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Joe Biden as the latest Robespierre in the Left's reign of terror

This is how the Left keeps its thralls on the plantation.  It threatens immediate retribution against anyone who is not 100% obedient to the Left's latest dogmas 100% of the time.  Given that the Left has openly declared its willingness to retroactively punish those who listened to the Left said was good and true in the past, and given that it can now go through our records, writings, speeches, yearbooks, school papers, home movies and anything from any part of our lives to retroactively punish us, it's not hard to see why anyone with half a brain would be nervous. Biden is the latest to learn this all too well.

This is not a joke.  This is not The Onion.  This is actually ABC running a story about Joe Biden (and Lady Gaga?) doing a PSA about sexual assault.  This is Nancy Pelosi's America, where we treat all humans as if they have infectious diseases.  This is the country they want.

Of course much of this is political.  Biden seemed to be the Left's only hope against Trump, whose polling is nowhere near as bad as the almost completely negative coverage of his presidency would suggest.  But Biden slipped when he said Mike Pence is a 'decent' fellow.  That was enough.  Using Trump to declare its true intentions the way NASA uses the Earth's orbit to propel a spacecraft, the Left has convinced enough people that the current presidency warrants full scale war, and no amount of lies, immorality, debauchery, infanticide, tyranny, or even the overthrow of our nation's very foundation is off limits due to Trump's unprecedented stupidity and evil.  It is Trump that propels the Left's unfortunate, but necessary, seizure of power in our nation. 

With that, the Left wants blood, and it wants to put non-conformers in their place. It wants those who don't get on board to sit in the back of the bus, to be marginalized, cut off from society or sent to the reeducation camps.  It doesn't want some old codger playing nice.

Therefore when Biden called Pence a decent guy - that's Pence, who the Left truly hates, despises and fears - that was it.  Almost overnight, we began hearing the accusations that could have been made against Biden at any time in the last two years of #MeToo insanity.  But we're hearing it now because, unless Biden figures a way to debase himself and assure them he is 100# devoted to the cause, he's out of here. 

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