Friday, April 12, 2019

The Trump Scandal of the Day

So the press is jumping on news that someone in the Trump administration floated the idea of 'dumping' illegal immigrants in Democratic districts.  Good for him.  Whoever said it, I like his thinking.  The Left today is all about 'can you hordes of lowlife losers please suffer and pay so I can keep my mansion and yacht?' when it comes to various left wing causes.  See Global Warming solutions proposed by limousine activists for an example.  Let the Left finally pay the price for its lofty philosophies and moral grandstanding.

Nonetheless, this clearly shows one thing: the Trump administration is riddled with moles who oppose it and freely breach trust and even break the laws of secrecy and confidentiality to hamstring the administration.  The Press then takes any rumor about Trump handed it, and declares it the Gospel Truth.

Of course I wouldn't want immigrants to be used like pawns in such a manner, even if the liberal Democrats would deserve every bit of it.  It was merely floated, like a million things are floated in any committee meeting on earth.  Nobody ran with it, it's not news.

The big purpose of this story is to deflect, deflect, deflect.  By now sane people think there is cause to investigate the possibility that various departments in our government threatened our democratic process by using their power and inroads to tilt the election for their candidate.  I'm not saying it happened, but there's enough fishy going on to warrant a look.  Like Trump, I'll withhold judgement and assume innocence unless the facts and evidence suggest otherwise.

Nonetheless, with Barr suggesting it's worth looking into, along with the under-reported news of a former Obama staffer being charged with making false statements over one of the many conspiracy theories about the Obama administration (this one being nefarious dealings with Ukraine), the press is eager to find anything to take our eyes off the ball.

What is news in all of this is that despite all obstacles, press opposition and childish attempts to shut down the question, we keep learning about this or that scrap of evidence to suggest there might have been collusion against our nation in 2016 after all, but it wasn't Trump.

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